2023 has been a reset year for Spunchem International. Coming off a high demand period for PPE products, we have re-established a baseline demand and have re-engineered our structure to fit the focus of our business with a more balanced product offering to our diverse customer base.

We are excited to be going forward with a team that has a winning mix of both experience and energy, continuing to service our customers with the right product, at the right value, at the right time.

Strategically, Spunchem International will build on its base by accelerating growth in the roofing industry, both in Southern Africa and in select international markets. Our product range is technically advanced – accredited by Agrėment – with our radiant range designed to reduce energy consumption.

We will expand on our current hygiene business through product innovation to meet the evolving needs of new and existing customers, with focus on the manufacturing of baby and adult diapers, hospital equipment and hygiene wipes.

Other industries that will receive focus for growth in Spunchem International are the bedding industry – including pocket springs, furnishings and more – as well as the automotive sector and shopping bags.

In terms of sustainability, more focus will be placed on waste management – firstly, ensuring that Spunchem International minimises the waste generated by our operations through the recycling of 90% of this waste; and secondly, by partnering with entities to recycle any balance of waste generated.

Our company will continue to uphold respect and integrity as pillars of our business culture, and will always put our customers at the forefront of our purpose.

With this clarity, we have confidence in sustainably delivering to both our customers and our shareholders.