Dear Customer,

Spunchem together with the DTI and SACTWU are committed to ensuring that South African CMT companies have fabric available to manufacture PPE products locally. The ability of South Africans to rise to this challenge has been amazing and demonstrates the skills that are available locally.

Unfortunately Spunchem had no knowledge of this market and did not understand that traders would jump in and secure the fabric. While it is not Spunchem’s role to dictate to a market we need to honour our commitment to localization.

Going forward Spunchem will require confirmation of the following –

– that you are a CMT
– If not that you are supplying a CMT with Fabric
– that your company is not involved in price gouging

Unfortunately we have feedback from the market that prices of more than double our selling price is being offered and that people must buy urgently as Spunchem is putting our prices up. Spunchem will will not be putting our prices up in this market and should we receive evidence of price gouging we will immediately cease supply and return any funds .We will then report this to the DTI as we all have the ethical duty to look after our communities in a humane and fair manner.

I apologise in advance for having to write this letter but I am sure all the ethical companies we deal with will understand our position.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.