Having grown and developed the Spunchem business and it’s people in the South African market over the past 20 years, we’re dedicated to remaining a customer focused business by investing in and developing our technology and our local people to accommodate and meet our customer’s needs every step of the way. By applying the skills and experience we’ve gained in the local market, Spunchem is best positioned to deliver world class products for our customers at highly competitive rates that will remain unmatched by any competitor.

Spunchem International made the decision to install a hygiene-focused plant after consultations with the market concluded that all high quality SS and SMS product was imported. In developing our Hygiene focused facility, Spunchem worked hand in hand with a top-three diaper manufacturer, which included extensive trials of product manufactured using the technology that Spunchem will employ. Spunchem evaluated all available technologies and product properties to ensure the highest quality requirements will be achievable.

2016 saw the installation of our SMXS line which again increased our capacity dramatically, allowing us to supply market demand.

Further to this, we increased our coating/laminating and printing capacity. We currently operate 3 coating / laminating lines, which includes the ability to make cloth like backing sheet, cast film, breathable film and textile backing sheet.

Spunchem also has both a 2 colour printer and a 4 colour printer – which was installed in November 2016.

In order to maintain the levels of quality and delivery that our customers have grown to expect from Spunchem, we embarked on a massive expansion program which saw our Spunbond production grow.

The hygiene plant was also installed in 2018, ensuring our ability to supply to a market that was new to Spunchem. This was possible in collaboration with key customers.

2019 was yet another year of explansion. Spunchem installed 2 more spunbond lines, again increasing our capacity to a much higher level and allowing our Spunbond fabrics to be utilised in new markets. The product may not be unique in its make –up but its versatility has certainly taught us that we needed to expand and invest in the future of South Africa.

In 2020 we have plans to expand once more, with an electrostat meltblown plant .

This will ensure that we can cater for the much need PPE product industry that is growing so quickly globally.

At present we manufacture approximately 1 billion square metres of non- woven fabric per annum.

We look forward to many more years of growing and expansion to supply our customers needs.