A tweet was posted yesterday claiming that Spunchem is supplying product to China at the expense of the local industry. This allegation is totally unfounded.

In fact Spunchem has been working very closely with SACTWU, the DTI and various other South African manufacturers to fast track the ability of South Africa to supply PPE products.

The facts are : Several companies , traders and individuals have sacrificed South African jobs at the alter of greed. They supply both public and private healthcare facilities on the back of South African supply.

This is what has killed South Africa’s ability to produce PPE and what has decimated the textile industry in South Africa. Spunchem has never supplied China Spunchem’s goal has always been to fully support South African companies with the product we manufacture and develop new products with our local partners.

Spunchem has turned away many opportunities to supply traders who have offered to pay 3 times the price for goods we are manufacturing. We have chosen rather to support our local industry at existing local pricing and will
continue to do so.